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Case Study: Agricultural Spraying Drones

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


In 2020, Hartley Aerial conducted a project with a large agricultural company in Florida. They were experiencing pains with a certain type of invasive crop resulting in a loss of the main crop. In addition, it was hard to distinguish species from the ground over large fields.

By implementing a combination of surveying and spraying drones, Hartley Aerial helped increase the client's overall crop efficiency.


The current method of eliminating this crop were by spraying. Either by hand or by a large machine. The large machines cause too much overspray with the risk of damaging adjacent crops. By hand is very time-consuming resulting in larger labor costs. Hartley Aerial gathered data on the current crop status utilizing an sUAS. Then, through careful analysis of the data presented a recommendation of improved operating procedures in order to reduce the weed's footprint.

Hartley Aerial concluded that by using a combination of autonomous aircraft they could harmonize the GPS data to precisely target the invasive crop. The spraying drone would carry its chosen liquid payload to deliver over the undesired areas based on data from a remote sensor. Both steps are conducted autonomously.


From Hartley Aerial's recommendation and guidance, the client purchased the identified equipment. Effectively establishing their drone program.



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