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Advancing the World of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our Vision



Our primary value is, well, value. Eliminate the costs and risk of investing in equipment, maintenance, deprecation, replacement, obsolescence, software, insurance, training, and certification. 



Our pilots aren't occasional drone users; instead, they are specialists and enthusiasts who turn the pride they take in their work into unbeatable service for our customers. 



We help you skip the intimidating, time-consuming, and costly process of drone implementation; instead, we simply give you what you want: amazing aerial footage and valuable information. 



We believe the relationships with our customers come first and will go the extra mile to make sure your business has an excellent experience with us. 

Our Story

Hartley Aerial came to life in 2017 through our founder Wade Hartley. He began with the dream of expanding production capabilities to the air, but quickly got involved in utility applications after hurricane Irma tore through Florida. This experience introduced Wade to a broader world of drone operation, and planted the question, "where do the possibilities end?" Luckily, we haven't found an answer to that question yet, as new applications for remote aviation are found seemingly daily. We're still in pursuit of this question, and hope to bring these expanding opportunities to our home community. 

Meet the Team

Wade Hartley

Meet Wade Hartley, the CEO and lead-operator at Hartley Aerial Services. Wade is a UCF graduate and dedicated entrepreneur, founding the company in 2016 out of his deep interests in drones, videography, and business. The attention he shows to each of these areas has built a reputation for providing top-notch aerial services to any client and need.

What you'll remember about Wade is his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results to his clients. With a willingness to always take on new challenges, he is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of aerial services. He understands that every client's need is unique, and he'll work closely to develop custom solutions that help them achieve their goals. 

Outside of business hours, Wade is an avid explorer of new technologies and trends in the industry. His passion for innovation means that he is always looking for ways to help his clients succeed in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. 

Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Florida, earning a bachelor's degree in the broadcast production program. What started as a passion for videography has led to piloting for a variety of drone industries.


Even before investing the majority of his time into drone operation, Jacob worked as a service provider and understands that customer satisfaction is the highest priority.


Jacob is passionate about exploring the many applications of drone technology, wishing to further the public’s knowledge of their potential. Whether it's a cinematic FPV fly-through or a wind turbine inspection, you can expect his full dedication and attention to detail.

Jacob Bemo

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